For more than 6 years, we have been working with large companies helping them better collaborate and share knowledge and insights. The significant growth of Microsoft Teams during the Covid crisis gave us the opportunity to launch "Wats In Teams", a project we had already considered.

All companies want to break the walls between their teams / business units. Our mission is to help each employee to be able to search and share the information they need to work better. With Microsoft Teams, a powerful collaborative tool, we use our ability to break these walls and unlock the potential of your teams.

What it does

In Microsoft Teams, "Wats in Teams" provides the most powerful experience for collaborators to retrieve and share information. "Wats in Teams" notifies the right colleagues to answer your unsolved issues through the existing documentation, and capitalizes it for a future access, by you and your peers.

How we built it

  • Single page application and mobile first.
  • Optimize UX/UI integration for Microsoft Teams.
  • Back-end API / front-end architecture.
  • Documented and fully deployed on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft is a strategic partner for us since 2017. We built our application in Microsoft Teams following all guidelines and design provided by Microsoft, bringing in Microsoft Teams the value added our customer loves in Wats.

Challenges we ran into

  • Full design and compatibility with Microsoft Teams.
  • API integration with other softwares and knowledge bases.
  • Analysis and understanding of user behavior.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Quick and easy deployment: supported by Microsoft Teams clear deployment process, we can implement our "Wats in Teams" application in less than a minute for any client.
  • Provide an application that meets the challenges of tomorrow's organizations: we conceived "Wats in Teams" to solve the current and future problems of many companies (information sharing, centralization and accessibility of the digital workplace ...)
  • Technical evolution: we are able to connect "Wats in Teams" to a whole range of knowledge bases by API in order to meet our customer’s needs. Our users can in a few clicks select the knowledge base (SharePoint, Onedrive, Confluence, Service Now ...) that interests them and bring up the information they need through our search engine.
  • A perfect bundle: "Wats in Teams" deployment enhance the usage of Microsoft Teams, by facilitating access to information while enhancing the value of employees and the company's communities.

What we learned

  • Continuous improvement: start small, think scalable.
  • Development of our technical skills: being able to create and maintain an application in Microsoft Teams.
  • Optimization of our internal procedures: deployment process - development - best practice rules.

What's next for "Wats in Teams"

  • Further integration into Microsoft Teams: channel app, adaptive cards, notifications, bots.
  • Extra roles with refined rights.
  • Integration of new knowledge bases connectors.
  • Internationalization of the application, adding as many languages as needed in addition to the existing ones (French, English, Chinese, Spanish coming soon).

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