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While standing in the shower one day, thinking about what we could do at a hackathon, we noticed that there is a lot of water that is lost in the warming up of the shower. So we started thinking about the project in a basic sense of getting the feel for where this could go! Then it exploded and now we are here.

What it does

It lets the water flow from the wall ( pump and hose), it runs the water to the point of the desired temperature. Then the water would be shut off with a mechanical solenoid( represented with a relay shield), then when the user that is taking a shower steps onto the mat in the shower it would allow the water to flow again from the wall.

How we built it

This application runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, running an ssh tunnel into an EC2 using Amazon Web Services. Then we went from the EC2 being ssh'd into from our computers and then programming the pi that way, using the hardware that we pre planned to have access too made the construction of our idea a reality.

Challenges we ran into

Having a way for peer to peer communication was one of the main challenges. This was due to the network that we were given access too. Another challenge that we ran into was being conscious of the power consumption on the raspberry pi.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished, we honestly did not believe that we would finish when at 2-3am when we ripped it apart and then threw it back together again in a really short time.

What we learned

That raspberry pi zero w's cannot have more than 2 things on a 5v rail. Silicone and cornstarch makes a great putty for water proofing. Cross platform applications.

What's next for Watrr

Profiles is one main thing that we wanted to get into the application towards the end. Just open Source it maybe, have not decided yet.

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