WaterYourWallet is an android mobile app that helps users in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas calculate how much money they will spend per month watering the plants in their garden using information stored in the Object Rocket cloud. We used a mongodb powered by Object Rocket to store information on plant size and water needs. Although our app is packaged for android, we used python with the kivy framework, which provides cross-platform functionality. In the future, our app can be easily packaged for iOS or windows.


Our app works both on- and off-line, although off-line users are required to enter information by hand. Once connected to the Object Rocket database, the user has access to a database of plants, providing information on size and an estimate of water requirements.

On start-up, the app tries to connect to the Object Rocket database using information stored in a configuration file. If it cannot connect, a warning message is displayed at the top of the main page of the app. The main page includes a display of all information necessary to calculate the cost of watering plants, including the city and details about the plant.

The city is changed in the settings tab. This demo version of the app includes the major cities in Texas: Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

The user enters the name of the plant, and if they are connected to the Object Rocket cloud, will receive a drop-down menu of plants as they type. If not connected, they simply type the name of the plant. The user then selects the number of plants (default is one) and adjusts the amount of water each plant needs. If connected to the ObjectRocket database, the water requirement is obtained from the database. The user is also able to adjust the size of the plant, which is also stored in the Object Rocket database. Information buttons are available to help the user by providing information in pop-up messages.

Future plans

As the app grows its user base, the water needs of plants can be crowd sourced. This will leverage the experience of gardeners across the city to provide optimal location-specific plant information. Object Rocket provides an excellent scalable platform for growing the app as the user base grows. Future features also include making the app social. Users can find friends, and share pictures of their garden.

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