Inspired by the Water Hack prize, I thought education is a great way to help those in less fortunate situations.

What it does

A user friendly website that seeks to educate users about the importance of water conservation as well as providing weather updates sourced from the National Weather Service.

How I built it

Built using a Bootstrap CDN and I attempted to use the National Weather Service API to retrieve weather data. I used JSON and Ajax calls to retrieve the data.

Challenges I ran into

For website design, I ran into some issues with centering and overall making it appealing to the eye. The main source of challenges came from implementing the API. I have had previous experience doing ajax calls, but it has been a few years since I last did for school, so I struggled to relearn how it worked.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making the weather forecast section functional as well as creating a clean site within the time constraints.

What I learned

Learned more about how to perform JSON parses and utilizing different types of APIs.

What's next for WaterWorks

Including more information as well as more weather related updates, also need to make it more mobile friendly.

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