Complete your healthy lifestyle with WaterWatch on your Gear 2 or Gear S!

Drinking enough water is an essential part of being healthy, and is especially crucial for your strenuous activities.

WaterWatch automatically analyzes today's weather, and suggest you the suitable amount of water to drink according to your body weight and activities.

With WaterWatch, you can:

  • Be always reminded to drink so you're kept hydrated every day
  • Adjust your awake times and reminder frequency
  • Save your Gear's energy with Dark Theme that reduces battery usage on Super AMOLED screen on Gear 2 and Gear S
  • Connect with your phone to keep your goals on track and share your achievements with Weekly Statistics
  • Customize your daily goal and amount of water consumed
  • Learn interesting, fun-filled facts about water

Start drinking water today for a healthier tomorrow! And of course, it is free of charge.

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