We were brainstorming ideas where we came across an application that tracked a users financial balance and displayed their status through a friendly visual representation. As a group, our aim was to create an invention that would help benefit the health of our users. With that being said, as our minds were running hard thinking of ideas our hydration was running thin. Thus, an idea came: why not keep track of water intake and promote the user to stay hydrated through a friendly visual interface.

What it does

Chug2Puff is a visualization tool to help promote users to keep track of their daily water intake. This application allows the user to input a variety of factors - such as age, gender, weight and exercise activity -and will output a reasonable recommended target of how much water the user should consume. By giving the user a friendly interface that challenges them to meet their target we hope that Chug2Puff will promote a healthier lifestyle in individuals and make them more aware of how much water they are consuming.

How we built it

This application was coded in MATLAB using their user interface tool. Finding this tool reduced developing time as it contained drag and drop tools to create the GUI. We attempted to use QT Python initially for the GUI but encountered several road blocks.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was figuring out which language to code this tool on. As beginners we were unsure of which language would be friendly to create a GUI and so we decided to try with QT python. That turned out to be very difficult to install and use and so we switched platforms to MATLAB.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As beginner hackers we are extremely proud of Chug2Puff. We love how friendly our User Interface is, and how simple it is to keep track of water intake.We also really like our graphic design for the tool!

What we learned

We learned how to crease a User Interface in MATLAB through their GUIDE tool, which proved to be quite simple to use!

What's next for Chug2Puff

Chug2Puff has plans to move into the hardware world. That's right. Hardware. We plan to integrate Chug2Puff with a piece of hardware that would be attached to your reusable water bottle. This piece of hardware would track how many bottles of water you drink, and communicate with Chug2Puff without having the user to input data each time they consume water.

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