All the time we see inflexible uses of water resources: water sprinklers that run at full blast no matter the weather, a pet feeder that gives the same amount of water regardless of how hot your pet is, misters that spray even when it gets darker and cooler, leaving you colder than you planned on being.

What it does

WaterNet pulls local weather forecast data as well as current temperature and humidity data to amend user-designed water output schedules, skipping entire watering cycles or merely tweaking water output depending on the situation at hand. If a rainy day is coming up, a water planting schedule may skip a day of watering in order to avoid over watering. A pet water feeder schedule may adapt to dispense an extra 10% water to a pet suffering in a hot and humid climate.

The user interacts with a web app that allows for the creation and selection of various schedules, allowing for customization in nearly every aspect of the water scheduling process. It also allows the user to view real-time temperature and humidity data to get an accurate sense of the conditions of the environment around the water dispenser.

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