Make Your Mark NOTE: This app is solely intended for the Samsung Galaxy Note device. Watermark requires S Pen Galaxy Note functionality to function properly. Mark, edit, personalize, save and share your photos via Watermark. Are you annoyed of people taking your photos and images without giving you credit? Well here is your chance to add a quick signature, doodle, and/or scribble to any image you post or share so that people know it came from you. This personalization is what we call “Watermark”. Watermark is customized for the Galaxy Note: *Take a Picture to personalize *Upload a picture from your gallery to personalize *Share your personalized image via Facebook, Hancent, WhatsApp, Twitter and More *Resize, rotate, edit, and sign your images *Draw sketches *Various pen settings like brush thickness and pen types *2 finger touch gesture to rotate image Made for S Pen Galaxy Note Keywords: Galaxy Note, draw, doodle, scribble, sketch, personalize, signature

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