It is estimated that Smartwatch use will grow at an annual rate of 35% over the next five years. To account for the increasing demand for smartwatch applications and the large population of users being college level and above, we have decided to create a Pebble Smartwatch application called Watering Hole. Watering Hole is an application that allows users to see open bars (or establishments that serve alcohol) near their current location.

How it works

This app works by getting the current user locations through the smart phone and running the search queries we have created through the use of Google Places API. The query shows bars that are within 20 miles (only the first seven results are shown), that have the keyword “bar” at the locations, and are currently open, noted by the ‘open_now’ field under the location.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into issues with familiarizing ourselves with Pebble.js and IP addressing. We also had originally decided to make a companion application in Android and began working on the Android. However, due to the challenges we faced with Pebble.js and the IP addressing in Cloud Pebble, we were not able to implement the Android app at this time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The design of this application is simple and easy to use, giving users all the necessary information about bars nearby. The simple interface of the Pebble device allows the user to look up the information without getting their phone out.

What I learned

We learned Pebble.js and also gained an increased knowledge of javascript.

What's next for Watering Hole

In the future, we hope to create a companion app as an Android application to be paired with the Pebble application to add increased functionality such as ability to connect with Uber, bar tab splitting capabilities through Venmo, and step-by-step directions to the bar (rather than just compass navigated).

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