We were provided with a detailed dataset from Grundfos detailing among other things the humidity and water pumped into individual dormitories. By looking at the data we believed that it should be possible to identify from which outlet the water was consumed only having informatioI about how much water was consumed and the humidity. The information learned from the data is then illustrated through a web interface to the user in such a way that it allows them to compare them to their peers. We believe that if you score worse compared to our peers then you are incentived to improve your score. A lot of water consumption in private homes goes to showering. We decided that we would build a prototype that builds upon the desire to lower the water consumtion in showers. The prototype has two tanks for hot and cold water respectively. We equipped the prototype with a microcontroller to control the flow og hot and cold water respectively. Our idea is then that the user who has been incentived to lower water consumption by our data analysis will purchase the shower system. The user can then easily program the shower through the web interface to help adopt the desired habbit of shorter showers. The prototype gives dash of cold water at desired intervals specified by the user to help make them aware of they water usage while being in the shower.

Data Analysis

We had no label data to tell us how the water was used so we used K-Means clustering algorithm in order to group the data into 3 types of water usage. Using only the features cold water, warm water, humidity and hour of the day as information. The dormitories are not equipped with dishwasher or washing machine, and thus 3 groups correspond perfectly with toilet, water tap and shower.


We thought of many different different ways to notify the user about they water usages in regards to toilet, water tap and shower. We decided to focus on showers as they use the most water and while in a shower must users large potential to reduce water usage. As the user is incentived already we sjmply need to help them remember it. We looked at different approaches to this, but decided upon using a flash of cold water as it is more convincing than a simple lamp indicator or interruption of water flow and less intrusive than simply stopping all water flow.

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