Our inspiration was to encourage hydration.

What it does

It's a roblox game where you parkour through an obstacle course. You move with WASD and press the space bar to jump. You start the course in a desert, then you move onto a more colourful course. And finally, you end up among a water oasis with a water park. This is to encourage people to drink and appreciate water.

How we built it

We used roblox studio where we collaborated on a project at the same time. We placed models into the correct position and adjusted the dimensions of obstacles. We also changed the lighting and background and flooring of the course. To add functions like teleportation and zombies, we used coding.

Challenges we ran into

We often deleted or moved each other's projects so we had to learn to work as a team well. It was challenging for Grace to make the NPCs move appropriately with code. We found it difficult to implement spawning and checkpoint features, but we eventually made it work with scripting and models.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created three full stages and a functional game. The game's teleportation functions work and the levels have nice aesthetics.

What we learned

How to use roblox studio, scripting, and how to make a game in roblox. Once we published the game, some hackers joined our game so we also learned how to deal with disruptions in the game.

What's next for Fun Game about Water

It will stay published as a roblox game for all to learn from and enjoy.

Built With

  • lua
  • roblox
  • script
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