What it does

The application can show your daily, weekly and monthly water usage. The average daily water consumption is approximately 200 liters per person. Whenever you use less water than the average person you will start growing your virtual forest, which consists of trees and foxes. You can see your awesome forest in AR and see your fox walk around the trees, while your trees grow.

During the growth of your forest, the app will come with tips on how you can reduce your water usage and compare the water usage with apples, grasshoppers and chicken.

When you are happy with your virtual forest you can take a photo that can be shared in Snapchat through their CreativeKit (SnapKit).

The process is as follows

  • Get rewards in AR for saving water (trees and foxes)
  • See your statistics
  • Get tips to reduce water usage
  • Share with friends (via Snapchat)

How we built it

Android Studio using Java. SDK's are ARCore from Google and SnapKit from SnapChat The 3D models are created in Blender

Challenges we ran into

We started using Unity with Vuforia but changed it to Android Studio entirely because of the competencies within the team. Getting the team to use the same software and running examples without problems were our main problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How we worked together, as we are five people from three countries.

What we learned

Learning how to make AR apps with ARCore. Learning how to use Android Studio

What's next for Water Tamagotchi

The world's awareness ;)

Built With

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