In Lebanon, our country, we suffer from many problems such as, continuous-Electric-cut offs, pollution, and water shortage each year. Each year people pay huge cost on getting water for daily usage and houses, simply because the domestic water company do not deliver the water on daily basis, and each year in summer we become short on water especially when the rainfalls are below the annual rainfall According to the world bank talking about impact of water shortage in Lebanon+ (-This high cost of water hits the poor hard, with families spending an average of up to 15 percent of their income each month on water, money they could instead be allocating to healthcare or education.) (Please check the whole blog: link

Beginning of the Story:

Unlike other countries, the Lebanese public water supply system doesn’t deliver the water on daily basis and we need to store water in tanks the daily uses (cleaning, washing things…) .Last year we had a harsh water drought problem and each week we had to call for local water distributors to buy water, because the main water company is not sending us water. Back then I designed and developed water management system using a micro-controller connected to online server and mobile application to lively track the water level in our tank and using a flow meter also installed on the microcontroller we were able to track when the official water company sends us water to efficiently manage the water consumption


Based on the water management system designed and installed I came up with a solution to help others overcome with the water shortage problem each year. The idea is to develop a product in which the user can monitor the water level at his premise and the incoming water speed from the official water company to defiantly manage his water consumption. Moreover the user should be able to check for available water distributors in his area and get notified when the water level in the tank is low.

How we built it:

“Water on Call” is mainly composed of four components: the Arduino Mega 2560 Micro-controller, Reactjs web Application, the Firebase for the server infrastructure, and finally since I am using the water management system I installed as API resources, I am using Dashboard.

  1. The Arduino Mega 250 is connected to two sensors: the flow meter sensor that records the incoming water speed in the water pipe (brand name:YFB1) and an ultrasonic sensor (JSN-SRT04T) to record the distance between the sensor the water inside the tank and calculate the water volume
  2. The Dashboard ( for API resources to read the data from the water flow meter and the ultrasonic sensor
  3. The firebase server to hold and manage the real time database and the internet services : push notifications, running the web app
  4. The web application is what the user and the water distributor use, both can register each as his role and sign in. when the user signs in his dashboard shows, in the user dashboard the user can monitor the available water level in his tank and the incoming water speed when the official water company sends water through the pipes. For the vendor( or the local water distributor) the application shows a button to show his status if he is available to deliver the water or not

Challenges we ran into: the Main challenge we had is the duration we know of the hackathon 20 days earlier before the deadline of the submission and now there is like 4 hours before the submission ends. Further it was the first time for us to work with the firebase environment as backend server and we learned to connect the application with firebase in 20 days.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

First it was a great opportunity for us learn about the firebase technology, and also about the fact that both of us it is the first time we meet and develop such project.

What's next for “Water on Call”: After we submit the project to Devpost, we will reengineer the whole product in a way to be acceptable for the market, the application will be mobile (Android and IOS versions), the user will be able to track lively the place of the available local distributor water like as Uber, Also we will be working on adding the AI to the firebase backend server to notify the user when is the best time to refill his tank based on the customer’s consumption rate, Winter rainfall conditions, and on the pattern of how the users get their water supply from the official water company, for the water supply it will be great opportunity for him to develop his business and other features will be installed at the water supplier account like the place of the user where he needs to fill his water tank. Furthermore, we will also implement the feature of online payment in this way we can make profit out of this business. For the hardware part we will search more for available options in domain of microcontrollers and Internet of things market to implement them at the users place

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