In the time of COVID and wildfires, filtration to combat air pollution has become a crucially important topic. However, despite the relatively fleeting threat these two risks pose, the lack of purified water poses a perpetual threat. While water is truly the essence of life, even the most modern cities often struggle to provide clean drinking water to their citizens. Despite being of critical health importance, there is an inherent equity issue in access to either clean water or filters which enable one to combat dangerous water conditions. Finally, even despite governmental regulation efforts spearheaded by the EPA since dramatic happenings such as the Cuyahoga River catching on fire in 1969, the accessibility of information regarding purity of drinking water is disappointingly lacking. Accordingly, we set out to identify a method of providing more generally effective data for the general public to be aware of their water status.

What it does

Our app serves as a database to store continuously-updated information about water quality at the taps of our clients. Not only does this provide a unique insight into water quality as compared to the annual reviews taken at the water's point source, but it provides transparency in the water provided to all of our clients. With unique login, clients can actively monitor the quality of the water they are receiving and react effectively to problems.

How we built it

We set this up as a website in which our clients may log in to their individual accounts. This links to a page with all the specialized data describing the readings from their individual sensors. While we protect this individual information, we run general data analysis on it and notify the clients of any issues. Furthermore, depending on the severity of the concern, we reach out directly to them in order to spearhead efforts collaborating with local government regulators to identify the issue. Moreover, we utilize the Internet of Things functionality of ThingSpeak in order to connect sensor data with our centralized interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've developed an affordable model for continuously monitoring water quality in buildings. It is easily scalable, given that the installation process is simple enough for many to do by themselves. Further, our website's data analysis and large-scale data visualization allows individuals and communities to take steps towards cleaner water.

What we learned

We learned a lot about sustainability, especially in the context of clean water and air. We delved into recent innovations and research in the environmental tech space. We interacted with an expert, Collin, who works in this space. Finally, we gained experience as designers with Figma.

What's next for Smart Flow

We hope to expand to a wide array of public areas, bringing the environmental-consciousness of our services to a broad audience. Our aim is to streamline the integration of sensor production and analysis to provide our analytics to individual households, empowering individuals to ensure water quality in their own homes.

Built With

  • figma
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