This is a flood detection system to help at-risk communities feel more prepared against natural disasters. There's a moisture sensor, and when it's wet, it's flooding.

And then the moisture sensor is hooked up to a T-shirt cannon, but the T-shirt cannon is loaded with sponges, so the sponges can actually soak up all the flood.

This project is dedicated to a history / language professor of mine. He was showing us some grammar, and his example sentence was "My son is not excellent." And at the time we were all, haha cute whatever, but turns out that the ancient civilization curse was still imbued within those words, and the sentence actually jinxed him and resurrected the spirits of the ancients who actually proceeded to curse his son. And they caused his son to not be excellent by leaving the sink on and causing over a thousand dollars in water damage in his house. So this is dedicated to him.

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