Changing behavior is difficult.

Engaging characters will walk us through three different scenarios. The game is a fantasy obstacle course set in the future.

Kids are not just learning-- they are making a difference, they are creating future. They are helping people that don't have access to water like they do.

How it works?

The minimum viable product is to explain clearly to the children how water is a finite resource and what drought means to them and and what will happen if we don’t break the cycle.

"Oh no!" See how my real time usage is mapping to limited availability, there are also recommendations on what I can do today.

Facebook page, obstacle course, glass with a straw in it, smiling family, community, drought and green luscious Meadow, Data visualization for the utility that illustrates the impact, school curriculum, map with local community and aquifer and water usage. Say if there's a utility and if there's A community if there's water meter

Tokens and badges to increase engagement.

Challenges I ran into

Conceptualizing the entire game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have come up with a really creative and engaging solution which helps educate children about the necessity to conserve water and brings about a behavioural change by providing realtime actionable notifications based on the daily water consumption.

What I learned

Current needs of the water industry.

What's next for Water Explorer

  1. Polishing the concept and taking the prototype to iOS and Android based games.

  2. Engage with utilities and philanthropic organisations to drive the adoption for the product.

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