Maps can be a powerful tool in telling a story. When water and energy consumption data is coupled with block group parcels and socio-economic context, patterns become clear and the data would speak for itself. The atlas would enable a greater understanding of water and energy use and the generation of new knowledge.

What it does

The Atlas is an interactive visualization tool that integrates customer-end consumption data and census data to display interrelated water and energy use, as well as demographic characteristics for two cities in Southern California, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.

Urban planners can use this tool to identify hotspots and assess impacts of various policies. For the public, this is also a simple and intuitive way to learn more about sustainability or even to find out how their neighborhood is doing in water/energy conservation.

How we built it

The Atlas is built in ArcGIS Online with water and energy data for over 200 block groups in 2002 to 2014.

Built With

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