We used a number of key angles to formulate our development: Integration – Enforce ownership of datasets to drive more efficient process. Reporting – Start categorising sites so they can be compared against benchmarks Ownership – Push reports to building owners for them to take a vested interest and ownership of efficiency

What it does

Builds reports for building managers on receiving the NWL data and fires alerts to energy/asset managers The underlying function of this development is to unload some of the efficiency drive work from the energy manager and empower building management to take ownership and give them a purpose to drive through change themselves.

What's next for Water Efficiency

Plenty of scope for future development in this area Use of Power BI to create interactive reporting and dashboards for management. Technology in use is already closely coupled to enable this to happen. Dynamically connect Tech Forge and System Link Apply targets and track these Bring in other utilities to create a one stop shop for reporting. Also include statutory items Factor in more data items to help define a category standard – e.g. Condition, occupancy etc

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