Project - Water Disease Protection system

Many African countries suffer from poor water supply and drainage, which in turn leads to flash floods and droughts. Both flash floods and droughts in affected areas are very likely to cause disease outbreaks, added to the original problem of lack or surplus of water. Therefore, by using rainfall predictions it is possible to predict the likelihood of disease, droughts, water shortage problems and floods. Predicting the possibility of these hazards then allows emergency response teams to make informed decisions on where to best deploy emergency resources. The protection system uses the following data elements: · Spatial Population coverage/villages · Medical centres · Cholera cases (per region) · Rainfall prediction · Drought index (SPI) · Poverty · Livestock · Accessibility to water


Languages: Java script / d3js, leaflet; Python; Fortran; MARS scripting; Systems: ArcGIS/ArcMAP; QGIS;


District/villages boundary and population; Medical centres; Cholera cases (per region); ERAInterim Total Precipitation; Standardised Precipitation Index (using ERAInterim precipitation); Poverty; Livestock density; River/Water bodies/Water Points; Accessibility to water;


ECMWF (; World Resources Institute (; FAO (; HDX (; CWT;

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