We wanted to use an element that traditional is hard to work with (especially around electronics!) to see what we could come up with -- water. Combining art and technology, we were able to create patterns using controlled streams of water.

What it does

The device controls 16 water streams to create patterns.

How we built it

One Arduino Uno. Two relay boards with a total of 16 switches. 16 solonoid valves.

Challenges we ran into

We originally wanted to create a "falling image" in the waterfall by rapidly turning the valves on and off. After working through the night to finish the build, we found out that we didn't have enough water speed and precise solenoid valve control to create those falling images. Instead, we opted to create patterns using single streams of the water.

Oh, and splashing. Lots of splashing and leaks in the connections were present.

What we learned

All team members learned something new. We had complete beginners learn how to solder, members learning C, etc. The team was diverse in composition, with academic majors ranging from hearing and speech science, to finance, to bioengineering and more.

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