A fun game to play with friends!

What it does

We will be building a game that can measure how quickly a person can chug a glass of water. The game will be comprised of a coaster, cup of water, LED light that indicates your status in the game, and screen that shows the time. The game will be as follows: first, the cup will be filled with water and placed on the coaster. Once the player lifts the glass, the stopwatch will begin (displayed on the screen). As soon as the cup is placed back down on the coaster, the timer will stop and the total elapsed time will be shown on the screen and transmitted via bluetooth to a digital scoreboard.

To build it, the coaster will have two sensors: a light sensor and a force sensing resistor (FSR). The light sensor will sense when the glass is picked up or not, and communicate that to a LED light that will shine red while the glass has not been picked up, green while the player is drinking the water, and multicolored when the player finished drinking the water and places the cup back on the coaster. The FSR will sense when the glass is picked up and placed back down, and will communicate this to the stopwatch screen that measures the total elapsed drinking time. The Bluetooth portion of the project will come from sending each game's elapsed time to a scoreboard to rank the players' times in the game. There will also be a pushbutton on the Arduino to reset the stopwatch after a game and to start a new game.

Materials Needed

Arduino Wifi, Force Sensitive Resistor, light sensor, multicolored LED light, 7-segment display, pushbutton, wires, breadboard, resistors

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Water Chug-O-Meter Game

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