In the last 36 hours we built Water. It is a Chrome App and Extension that allows for notifications for everything on your browser.

Notifications on your browser. Water you waiting for? Nothing, because Water waits for you.

What does Water do?

Water provides users the ability to follow anything. Want to know when the Wolverines game score changes? Track it. Want to know when your grades are posted? Track it. There are unlimited possibilities.

Some examples:

  • Sports games
  • Team report
  • Facebook statuses
  • Twitter tweets
  • Blackboard Grades
  • MHacks challenge prizes
  • Other Chrome Apps

The Technology

  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS
  • PHP
  • SendGrid
  • Azure
  • Chrome Extensions, Chrome Native App
  • Sweet Alerts
  • ChosenJS

The Data

We utilize MongoDB as our database.

The UI

Chrome App: The dashboard


Chrome App: The extension


The Team

Spencer Kaiser Adil Shaikh Austin Wells

Built With

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