Let's reduce our waste footprint together

Each ton of waste is generated from 70 tons of upstream waste. To understand this problem we need to understand our waste. Wasteland is a Salesforce app to empower sustainability advocates by making it easy to: manage waste audits, collect, and analyze waste data on a large scale.

We transform the way waste audits will be conducted. You can collaborate, gather data as a team, from multiple sites simultaneously. Turn big data into a big advantage by tracking waste trends from the first contact to final intervention results instantly from any device. Wasteland is cloud-based, so all of your information is up to date in real time and available no matter where you are. So, you can run your entire audit from your phone.

This is the waste audit success platform. A modern app that partners, potential partners, and other stakeholders will find engaging and exciting all within a secure trusted and instantly mobile environment.

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