The idea of the WatchTower add-on was a solution for our internal pain. Being an official Atlassian Solution Partner and Vendor, our team at Rozdoum works with multiple clients, each of them having their own JIRA and assigning tasks on us. We got tired of context switching and wanted fast and easy way to grasp the whole picture of issues from remote Cloud & Server locations in one board. We thought about developing the add-on to make our project manager’s work easier. So, here is a WatchTower - that saves time by allowing to work at one consolidated board to manipulate issues at remote JIRA instances

Here is a short how-to video

Key features

  • Works on Cloud & Server,
  • Can use Cloud and/or Server as source of issues for the board
  • Fine tuning of pulled data based on JQL
  • Easy mapping of issue statuses to board columns
  • Easy start in less than 5 minutes
  • Work in one place - update remotely. Changes done directly in source JIRA.
  • User Experience from Agile Boards ( columns, swimlanes, DnD)
  • Support of custom transition screens
  • Log work to issues in remote locations from WatchTower board
  • Cross references between issues in different JIRA sources
  • Secure and reliable control of sensitive data.

Approach & Focus

At Rozdoum - we truly believe - that if you do something for yourself - you do it the best way. We followed that in other addons - we continued doing that with WatchTower. “Eat your own dog food” that’s the principle behind WatchTower. The essential requirement for WatchTower is proper handling of private data and security. Our add-on does not store any credentials for source JIRAs. On authorization it retrieves a token and uses it for further sending requests to remote JIRA instances.

Challenges we ran into

  • Support of all custom fields on issue transition screen. Sophisticated approach for each field type is necessary.
  • Web items provider for cloud version of the plugin.

What's next for…

  • Board Sharing,
  • QuickFilters,
  • DetailedView for issue

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