Our inspiration for creating watchSocket was to find an innovative way to synchronously watch educational videos with our buddies, to learn together, and have a platform to discuss our thoughts.

What it does

watchSocket executes many exciting ideas, but mainly its ability to watch videos on multiple screens at the same time in sync. This includes synchronized playback even if one person pauses, plays, or skips ahead in the video. watchSocket has a chat room, which allows for more inspirational conversation between smart-thinkers, as well as a drawing area to further allow the potential to express each person's own ideas.

How we built it

We built watchSocket using TypeScript and React for the front-end, and tools such as and Express.js for the back-end. React was very helpful in keeping everything organized, and allowed us to further our skills in web development. is a very powerful tool that helped us communicate from one device to another, in order to have the best experience possible for the user.

Challenges we ran into

Being in high school, some team members did not have much experience with either TypeScript or React. This made the starting experience a bit challenging, as getting used to TypeScript and React can be quite difficult. Another challenge we faced was that everything was online, rather than meeting the team in person, which made it a bit harder to communicate effectively.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments that we are proud of include creating a seamless system that allows users to add videos, queue videos that will auto play after the current video is done, and overall using to create a stable connection between different users.

What we learned

During this project, we learned a lot about using TypeScript, and we also furthered our knowledge in React. Some team members increased their skill in web development and the front-end, while others focused on the back-end and learned how to use to its full potentional.

What's next for watchSocket

In the future, our team wants to deploy watchSocket to a website, to allow it to be used on different networks. Also, we want to fix up any small errors that might occur, that we did not have the time to do during the hackathon.

Ending Statements

Overall, our team is very happy with our project, and we are very excited to see where the future will take it. We see great potential in this project, and hope that we can execute it well to allow it to shine.

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