We were tired of losing our stuff. We had to find a way to improve the process of safeguarding backpacks and personal belongings while not having to repeatedly ask other people and/or continually worry.

What it does

Our program keeps your belongings secure! Once a belonging (such as a backpack), is far from the owner, the owner is called, texted, and alerted with information such as the current position and other crucial information about the item.

How we built it

We used the PyBluez python module in order to scan the network for bluetooth connections and establish a connection between a chip in the belonging (embedding a chip inside of a backpack), and an on-body belonging such as a cell phone, which is always on your person. We used Twilio in order to send SMS messages and send initiate calls. We were able to alert the owner of a potential theft almost immediately. Once the cell phone gets too far away from the backpack with the embedded chip, it will start monitoring for a change in the motion of the backpack. Once this happens, the owner is alerted with a call and multiple SMS messages. We used the python module Plyer in order to get the accelerometer data, however due to hardware and/or software limitations, we were unable to utilize this data.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges. First off, we were unable to use our (initial) main component - the raspberry pi 3. We did not have a display and were unable to access the raspberry pi without a display. Another issue we ran into was not being able to get the bluetooth module to work (PyBluez). This module was causing us issues which we were struggling to solve. We tried changing python versions (as it seemed that this module functioned better in python 2), however it turned out that it was not the case. We were also unable to fetch accelerometer data, likely due to hardware and/or software limitations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to scan the network successfully for open bluetooth connections and connect to the one that we wanted to, and monitor it. We are also proud of being able to send the twilio messages / initiate the calls as soon as the emergency occurs.

What we learned

We learned that organization is key. We decided to start from scratch at one point because we were all mixed up in our code.

What's next for WatchMyStuff

We were unable to get the accelerometer to work, so in the future, when we have better hardware, we will certainty implement this feature. We feel that our hardware limited us for this feature.

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