Team Members

  • Ogunlade Miracle Toluwase, Mobile developer
  • Rita Emili, Frontend developer
  • Ovie Udih, Team Lead/Backend developer
  • Okebunmi Odunayo, Mobile developer/UI Designer


With the increasing level of insecurity and poor emergency response time, the need for individuals to be equipped with threat assessment equipment which also coordinates with the individual's selected contacts and security agencies is of utmost importance.

What it does

A platform with personal devices that access risks and automatically notify appropriate security agency and emergency contact

Challenges I ran into

  • Limited time to work on the project

What I learned

  • How to successfully host an app on Linode
  • Effective team bonding, we had a great time working on the idea and learning together
  • How to use technologies like pm2, Apache

What's next for Watcher

We intend to continue developing the idea by adding more features to make it easily accessible to the masses.

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