we wanted a way to track our favorite products for stock and price changes

What it does

user enters css selector class or id, and a value on a website, we use python to scrape the website on a schedule, we do a comparison for the change, and based on that send a notification to the user

How we built it

react application with express.js, python scraper that runs on a schedule, hosted on google cloud, using google spreadsheet as a database

Challenges we ran into

the verbosity of the scraper, using spreadsheet as a database can be difficult, learning google cloud hosting

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we are able to utilize many technologies and incorporate them into a working product.

What we learned

webscraping, running 2 separate applications at the same time, using standard library, using google cloud, using google spreadsheet as a database is interesting

What's next for WatchDoge

more verbosity with our scraper, migrate spreadsheet database to something else, add more time options for checking

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