We thought one of the best ways to benefit the local community is to facilitate the gathering of information for people within it. As a starting point, we thought about how UWPD sends real-time alerts to members within the university. In many other communities, people don't have this safety net, so we wanted to build something more personalized for others based on their own locations.

What it does

The app collects information provided by local police and gives the user notifications filtered to locations around them. For example, the app will filter for information that pertains to the user's district, and within a certain radius around them. We also built the app to have various alert levels, so that the user can see the severity of any incidents around them. In order to supplement police information, we also created a way for users to notify their nearby community about any hazards they see. Users can also look into the alerts in order to see more information, as well as see a map that visually illustrates where things have happened.

How I built it

We built a high-fidelity prototype through Figma that demonstrates the user flow of the app. We have also built an emulator that shows the basic functionality of the app, such as user submissions, and viewing the alert pages.

Challenges I ran into (and how you overcame)

The greatest challenges we ran into were using languages we weren't familiar with, like HTML and CSS. To overcome this, we honed our research skills through looking up tutorials from online resources, such as on how to create functioning radio buttons, scrolling pages, and various other components.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are most proud of being able to start turning our prototype into a functioning app. We believe that our prototype and the ideas it holds have a lot of potential, and the app, once finished can provide much use to the community around us.

What I learned

We learned how to program using unfamiliar languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Collaborating across multiple platforms was a new experience for all of us, yet was very rewarding.

What's next for Watch Dogs

We plan on taking our prototype and adding the map functionality to the app. We also plan on adding filtering functionalities to the search menu, so that users can look through incidents pertaining to them.

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