Watchdawg was inspired by the need for students to be more secure on campus. Current avenues report incidents either too late, or not at all. Watchdawg was created to better connect students to the incidents around them.

What it does

Watchdawg allows users to view the incidents happening around them in real time on an easy to use map interface. It also allows users to quickly add reports themselves to alert others. Push notifications are also enabled, so if a user is in the area where a new report was submitted, they will recieve a notification of the report. Finally, users can filter reports by the time they were posted.

How we built it

Watchdawg was built using React Native with Expo. This made cross platform app development easy. We also used Google firebase for the backend to store our app data. Figma was used for designing the UI.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was everyone's first time doing app development, we ran into problems quickly. We had to spend some time configuring our environments correctly as well as being able to run our apps locally. We also had challenges with the main report feature being displayed incorrectly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating our first production mobile application as a team! We also are also proud of creating a product which we hope to allow students to be safer and more aware about their surroundings.

What we learned

We learned a lot about app development as well as collaboration. We learned how teams divide work and communicate virtually.

What's next for WATCHDAWG

We would really like to add the ability to upvote posts based on their validity and for users to report posts which are fake or inaccurate. Additionally, we are planning on implementing the ability for users to update/ delete their posts if they find out new information about an incident. We also are considering deleting posts which are over a week old.

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