The Problem

With security systems these days is you don't actually know who is at your house. It could be your significant other coming over without telling you or a burglar. Why call the cops on your loved why? That's where Watch Sloth comes in.

Watch Sloth will tell you via YO! who came in with a picture. Be it a loved one or a burglar.

This system is not only for people who own their own home but for a system of any scale. Be it a single room that one is subleasing or an important safe or box, Watch Sloth can help protect you.

The Hardware

Tessel Microcontroller, Tessel Camera Module, Magnetic Switch, Infrared Break Beams.

How it Works

Watch Sloth will detect either a break in the magnetic switch or the infrared relay. This break will then trigger Watch Sloth to take a picture of the predetermined area (chosen during set up). This image is then uploaded to Amazon S3. Following a successful upload the image URL is sent in a Yo to the owner. The image is then displayed inline via the Yo application.

Use Case

Watch Sloth can be used in place of a full fledged alarm system for a whole house but ideally it was created for people who sublease. This is because installation is quick and non-destructive to walls. It also only requires the user to want to install it, versus a whole alarm system where the owner and renter(s) would have to agree and then pay monthly. Watch Sloth can be installed for the weekend if you're going out or for everyday use due to it's simplicity.

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