I wanted one stock app in which I can see more information more quickly. Not only a little graph or 3 news. So I decided to build my own one with those things that I wanted to see in other apps: A complete newsfeed, my own portfolio, a grid of stocks (which I can sort), a list of graphs, and a brand new "tweet-meter": see the latest tweets of ppl around the world about your stocks!

How it works

I feed all my app data with yahoo-finance-api. Store the updated information in CoreData. And present different views of it in each View. It also uses twitter API to get tweets.

Challenges I ran into

The most difficult part is the lack of good documentation for the yahoo-finance-api. Also it is tricky to make currency changes to present a unified portfolio

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Great design and good performance

What I learned

I have learned that an API must be well documented in order to be easy to use by us the developers!

What's next for Watch real time stocks values, news, graphs and tweets

Today Extension and user profile

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