Inspiration, cell phone tunnel vision.

What it does, detects if object/obstacle in front and to the side of you, and warns you.

How we built it, with arduino code, wood, and a lot of tape and glue.

Challenges we ran into, we had no idea what arduino was before entering the event, we had to learn everything from the beginning. We also had to find a new ultrasonic sonar at midnight because one didn't work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of, making the whole thing.

What we learned, arduino coding.

What's next for Watch Out, additional to working with distance data, we plan to improve the project by working with velocity and acceleration data in the future. Therefore, the device will be able to alert the user about any serious crash might happen. In the future we hope that our project becomes mainstream and cellphone companies start to use our work built into new series/models of smart phones.

Built With

  • arduino
  • backlight
  • ultrasonic-sonar
  • wood
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