Accidental falls are the top cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for older adults, and after seeing ads about existing emergency alert systems that are expensive and archaic, we decided to mitigate this problem through existing hardware -- the Pebble and its built-in accelerometer.

Using our hack, the Pebble can detect falls and enable caretakers to respond. Even if the wearer falls unconscious or is unable to move, the app will send a text alert automatically. (If the wearer is okay and doesn't need help, he/she can tell the app to stop loved ones from worrying and acting prematurely.) And because one of our members is always forgetting to take her medicine, and because medicine adherence is even more of a problem for the elderly, we also built a system to remind the wearer to take medicine and refill prescriptions.

Our target users are elderly seniors, but also the loved ones who worry for them. This hack gives all of them peace of mind.

A major feature of our app is the geolocation integration, which we are especially proud of. With the Pebble's phone app, we tapped into geolocation and used the static Google Maps API so that the caretaker is notified about both the fall's occurrence as well as the wearer's current location.

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