There are lots of games for the Pebble but most are just quick time wasters. An RPG is a 'bigger' type of game that we want players to come back to. Plus the text and menu-heavy nature of the genre works well with the minimalistic Pebble interface.

How it works

Our current version has a randomly generated countdown until an encounter. The player then enters combat with a monster. They can attack or run away, with different probabilities of escaping and dealing damage based on the player and opponent's stats. The menu system utilizes the Pebble's up, down, and select buttons.

Challenges I ran into

The first hurdle was our unfamiliarity with the platform. We all had zero to minimal pure C experience, and none of us had developed for Pebble before. Familiarizing ourselves with the SDK was half the battle. How the gameplay works at a technical level was a matter of debate for the group. We made quick compromises given the nature of a hack-a-thon to get what we have currently.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

When we started we started running through quick demos to familiarize ourselves with aspects of the SDK: the magnetometer, the accelerometers, the graphics system etc. I was very excited to have a black square on the screen that I could move with the watch's buttons.

What I learned

I've learned a lot. This was my first hack-a-thon and the rapid prototyping along with the division of labor was a different change of pace. Most of my programming experience has been relatively solo. Most school assignments are meant for you only - but almost all software development is done in teams and there is constant interaction.

What's next for Watch Monsters

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