One in four young adults suffers from depression before the age of 24. Suicide is the second highest cause of death in our age group. Our application does two things to address this: it helps you track your mental health, and it guides your support group when you need it the most.

Three times a day, we ask you two simple questions: "How stressed are you?" and "How happy are you?". With two clicks of a Pebble button, your current mood is saved on our website, which visualizes the data through two cumulative graphs. The user interface is friendly and straightforward, which makes it powerful: its convenience encourages users to continue staying in touch. This is especially important, since anhedonia -- loss of interest in pleasurable activities -- is one of the most crippling elements of depression.

What's more, our app can notify pre-approved third parties -- your parents, friends or your therapist -- of your current struggles. This keeps you from falling into a rut. In the battle against depression, every helping hand is important.

Our app helps a wide cross-section of the population, from the depressed to the self-curious, and from the doctors to the loved ones. Most of all, it will help you keep tabs on your health.

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