The inspiration behind this idea came from the fast moving world we live in. With smart technologies becoming more commonplace, and Dubai's initiative to become a smart city one of a kind, this app took inspiration from those points, and also the understanding that DEWA needs utilities that will help them and their consumers to be a better fit for the great nation

What it does

Our application takes into account the introduction of smart products, and more importantly centrally focuses on smart plugs. This allows the application to allow people to switch off their online devices with ease as a basic feature. The more advanced features are tracking a user who is asleep, and allowing him/her to automatically enjoy the lights switching off by recording their sleep pattern using a smart watch. Moreover, the application also detects if a user is outside their houses, by their position in respect to the home wifi. If they are out, the app sends a simple and unintrusive message that tells the user that they might have forgotten to switch off the lights or air conditioning in their houses. Also, the watch keeps a track of sleeping pattern, therefore, air conditioning can be controlled automatically using smart tech to ensure that people enjoy optimum temperature while asleep, and at the same time are consuming lesser electricity than an air conditioning running at the same speed continuously.

How we built it

We build the application demo using Proto.Io, an industrial standard online prototyping software, that allows us to basically showcase a lot more of our application than would be possible with full development on a span of just 24 hours. The application has also been semi-developed for Apple Phone end of the software, using the xCode application.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest issue that we faced was trying to come up with the idea and the features as the app could get too large or too little very quickly. We had a lot more ideas, many of them bizarre and many of them brilliant, but we selected only the best to ensure a more robust application for an everyday life.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Teamwork -Dedication -Coming up with original idea during the hackathon -Able to complete the challenge by submitting a workable demonstration.

What we learned

Teamwork under pressure.

What's next for Watch House

develop the application fully and realize the full potential of the app.

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