WatC is a revolutionary new way to telling the clock with colors. Therefore "C" in the name stands for COLORS. The clock shows the time in hours and minutes with colors (5 minute accuracy).

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Advantages of WatC Color Watch

  • you can see the time from far (no need to focus on digits)
  • you can tell time faster (colors are a more natural and easier way for brains to translate than numbers)
  • the color shapes take the minimum space on display, leaving place for other apps or widgets
  • etc.

About WatC Color Watch

  • time is represented by 4 colored shapes with the same color hue
  • first 2 shapes show hours
  • last 2 shapes show minutes
  • user can also change the shapes from rectangles to circles

How to read the WatC color watch

There are total of 4 brightness levels for each shape: (B) Bright color (C) normal Color (D) Dark color (E) vEry dark color

HOURS (first two shapes)

Imagine a regular round watch with numbers and hands. Color of FIRST shape tells in which quadrant the hour hand is: B - 1st quadrant (12h - 3h) C - 2nd quadrant (3h - 6h) D - 3rd quadrant (6h - 9h) E - 4th quadrant (9h - 12h)

Color of SECOND shape tells the hour inside quadrant: B - 1st hour inside quadrant (12h, 3h, 6h, 9h) C - 2nd hour inside quadrant (1h, 4h, 7h, 10h) D - 3rd hour inside quadrant (2h, 5h, 8h, 11h)

MINUTES (last two shapes)

Color of THIRD shape tells in which quadrant the minute hand is: B - 1st quadrant (0min - 15min) C - 2nd quadrant (15min - 30min) D - 3rd quadrant (30min - 45min) E - 4th quadrant (45min - 60min)

Color of FOURTH shape tells the minutes inside quadrant with 5 minute accuracy: B - 1st 5 minutes inside quadrant (0-4min, 15-19min, 30-34min, 45-49min) C - 2nd 5 minutes inside quadrant (5-9min, 20-24min, 35-39min, 50-54min) D - 3rd 5 minutes inside quadrant (10-14min, 25-29min, 40-44min, 55-59min)


B C B D = 1:10 (one and ten minutes) E D D C = 11:35 B B B B = 12:00 (twelve o'clock) C C E B = 4:45 D B C C = 6:20

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