Digging into the iCIMs API, I realized that there was room to utilize the location variable to create an interesting data visualization featuring true zip code data.

What it does

The app gets data from the iCIMs API and then pulls out the location data. I then extract the zip code data out of that, acquiring latitude and longitude numbers. Finally, I use basemap to plot accordingly, with colors representing the status of each application.

How I built it

With Python and a ton of useful libraries.

Challenges I ran into

Basemap is surprisingly hard to install. Also, I began the day attempting a hardware hack with Amazon Echo, but then abandoned the project halfway through the night after wrestling with Amazon Lambda. Fortunately, my familiarity and comfort with data science pulled me through.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One major issue in the dataset was that the location data would not line up at all, having US states in foreign countries, randomized city names, and even non-existent zip codes. My remedy to this issue was to find a nearby working zip code in order to have data on each application.

What I learned

Matplotlib is surprisingly powerful. I barely scratched the surface of what it's capable of.

What's next for Watashi Wa MAP Desu

A better title hopefully. Also I should try to learn some front end to pretty up the hack.

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