Team 22A


We really looked forward to working with IBM's Watson and thought a chat bot would be a cool project. Since we had previous Firebase knowledge, we thought it would be simple to put together so we decided to put a spin on it by having a mental health focus.

What it does

Wat The Bot talks you through your bad days and is an outlet for you to vent if need be.

How we built it

The stack we used includes React, Firebase, Express and IBM's Watson.

Challenges we ran into

IBM's Watson was hard to get integrated into our project due to the use of callbacks and not promises.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the UI, and the chat bot can be updated and improved over time using user interactions through Bluemix, meaning that we can continue to provide a better and better experience for our users

What's next for Wat The Bot

Next, we plan to integrate our Tone Analysis sub-component into the bots responses.

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