Improvement is what we strive for. We strongly believe that in order to grow, we need to be able to find methods of measuring our current state, and identifying ways that we can improve. This belief of ours aligned perfectly with what Codenation wished for hackers to develop.

What it does

Our program fetches the data from Google Classroom, and with the usage of React and Node, we're able to easily display data that the user (teacher) might be interested in. This includes a graph that help the teacher measure how their students grades change over time, a graph that compares students averages per assignment among different assignments, a graph that helps measure the average grade of a classroom as compared to the other classrooms, and a graph that measures the class average over time.

How we built it

As stated earlier, we built our application with the usage of React and Node. We utilized Node to pull the data that we were interested in from Google Classroom, and we used React (and Reactstrap) to create a friendly user interface.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we wanted to use Salesforce to serve as the database and the hub for all the data that we would pull in from Google; however, we ran into some serious troubles after several hours of being unable to complete the OAuth2 step to connect with their API. After we realized that we would most likely be unable to meet the deadline if we continued using going this route, we shifted gears completely and decided to reconstruct a solution using React as the frontend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though we are currently having trouble linking our backend to our frontend, we are happy that the two individual pieces are able to functional by themselves.

What we learned

We learned a lot about using REST APIs to develop an application and we learned how to better use React and Reactstrap to deliver a simple website. This entire experience was something new for us as we have never really worked with any of these technologies before. After this experience we are confident in saying that we are at least experience with these technologies.

What's next for Wasu

From here, we wish to expand on our current knowledge base and play around with the MERN stack in our free time. We think that these technologies are really cool, and we want to learn more about how we could use them better.

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