Plastic is a major problem today -- we'd like to know how which products to buy in order to reduce our waste.

What it does

Wastewatchers allows you to find more environmentally-friendly alternatives for products that use plastic packaging. Simply scan the product at the score to see everything you need to know. The product doesn't have record yet? You can help us out by adding one with a simple and quick interface!

How I built it

The backed provides a REST API implemented in Haskell (using Scotty) which provides access to a Postgres database. The Android client using the backend was implemented in Java with Android Studio. The user interface was tested via paper prototyping.

Challenges I ran into

Teaching yourself Haskell in one night and building a backend with it turns out to be quite a challenge :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Wastewatchers

We're planning to add

  • a way to track how much plastic waste you produce - and recommenations as to how to cut down on it!
  • iOS support

Built With

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