We get the inspiration from emerging oceanic plastic pollution and its damage to the animals. So we want to use gamification to raise people's awareness about this issue.

What it does

The basic idea is the game player has to help his/her digital pet to clean the beach, where the pet lives. If there is too much plastic pollution, the environment won't be okay for the pet to live and it will die.

How we built it

We use javascript and HTML to create a web-based leisure game.

Challenges we ran into

WWF #2 How can we get people to turn the tide on plastic?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have achieved: 1) data research 2) creating a scenario and storyboard 3) creating an interactive prototype 4) technically implemented most of our function

What we learned

Combining technology and gamification to help with environment issue is promising.

What's next for WasteIt

Coming soon >.<

Built With

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