What if earning from scrap is possible. The easiest way to earn that would do no harm and also be of use to others. WastEarn came in action!

What it does

Once the user registers to WastEarn, he/she can buy scrap/unwanted waste material from household and companies and sell it to organisations in need of waste. Here the waste buyer can register as a company and buy wastes from people of the city. The waste producer can submit a request to sell his waste’s. Immediately after which the buyer will be mailed with the details of the seller. This will make the process convenient and more feasible. If there are no buyers is a particular city the seller will be prompted with an alert message of “No Service Available”.

How we built it

First, we made a basic website for WastEarn using HTML/CSS and Bootstrap for the UI. We then developed the data queries through MongoDB. To complete the working we used node.js and express.js for the server-side.

Challenges we ran into

Working on the node.js as a beginner was tough but we completed the required things through different resources. We had to solve many bugs during connection of the server-side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the project before time!

What we learned

WE learned express.js and node whole making this project

What's next for WastEarn

  1. Adding Google maps for better transportation for the seller.
  2. Adding a chatbox for safe communication between the seller and buyer.
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