Waste Watchers sprouted from the idea that conserving our planet should be an easy process and people should be aware of their own impact on our planet.

What it does

Waste Watchers is a company that offers free volunteer events, sells recycled sculptures, and resources that you can look more into.

How we built it

We used Eclipse to build our game, Waste Fling, with JavaSwing. To also used a couple of APIs to enhance the user interface. A little CSS also allowed us to add minor details that makes our website so unique and inviting.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest and most frustrating challenge we ran into was trying to publish our JApplet using HTML on our website, which we could not solve, since the JApplet was deprecated. We are still trying to get JApplet onto our website in the near future. Meanwhile, there is a video that shows us playing Waste Fling on the JApplet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of coding our game from scratch and creating over 50 different successful graphics for the game. We are also proud of creating a working login screen with custom accounts.

What's next for Waste Watcher

We want to successfully implement the game onto our website and continue to update the game.

Password to Site

The password to enter the Waster Watcher site is tinohacks@42.

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