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One of the major causes of environmental pollution's is unwanted discharge or deposit of Plastic Cans, bottles, Metals, Aluminum Cans etc. on lands, Streams, Rivers and Oceans.

Cash, Meals, Gifts etc. for trash could be a game changer and a best solutions for Waste Recycling Issues.
Waste Recycling is therefore an applications designed to help and encourage Users to recycle inorganic waste (Plastic Cans, bottles, Metals, Aluminum Cans ) etc. in an exchange for Cool Cash, Meals, Goods and Services.

Consequently, a lots of Waste Recycling Teams, Companies, Organizations, Agencies finds it difficult to connect with those People and various Communities who want to post and share their recycling products.

Realistically, most of the form/application submissions, processing, Waste Recycling arrangements, rewarding and communications are done manually on Paper or over an email which sometime creates monotony in their work tasks.

we develop this applications using SDK, Google Tech.(Google Forms), Email Server and SMS etc. to help Waste Recycling Companies, Organizations etc. to easily connect, manage and reward those People and various Communities who share their recycled products in an exchange of Cool Cash, Meals, Goods and Services.

By Providing an application coded with Google forms, Email Server, SMS Text Messages etc. and by integrating it on top of Network, it makes Waste Recycling application processing, Managements and Rewarding between Waste Recycling Companies and the Recycling Products Sharers Communities an easy task.

What it does

On the Part of Waste Recycling Companies/Organizations

1.) The Recycling Companies will First Create Board From the Applications. This will automatically create Columns on the Boards. All submitted data are stored on Boards/Items

2.) The Recycling Companies has an option of Adding Recyclers or People and Various Communities who wants to Share their Recycling Materials directly from the applications.

3.) To Connect to all People, Users, various environmental Cleaning Communities who wants to share their recycling products to get rewarded in Cool Cash, Meals, Goods and Services, The Recycling Agency has to create a Google Form which will be integrated into their Accounts on for the Purpose of Collecting Recycling data from users and various Recycling Communities.

I will show you how to create and Google Form via Google Appscript on top of the Application Running on Monday without Learning a Single Code

A Recycling Agencies can Shared and embed there Waste Recycling Google Form links on Various Websites, Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc., Any Person with their respective Google Form Links can Submit there Recycled Waste Materials and get connected with the Recycling Companies via Email and SMS in real-time.

4.)Each time People, Communities shared their Recycled Products, A Notification is sent to the Recycle Company Admin on Board.

5.) The Recycling Companies can View, Review, access and even watched Published Youtube Videos show-casing all the Recycled Products shared by the Members of the communities

6.) A Recycling Companies can also communicate and exchange information with People and various Waste Recycling sharing Communities via Email Messages Campaign and via SMS Text Messages leveraging SMS API Gateways.

On the Part of Waste Recycling Sharers Users & Communities

Users and various communities who which to help fight Environmental Pollution's can get rewarded by Sharing their Waste Recycling Materials like(Plastic Cans, bottles, Metals, Aluminum Cans ) and get rewarded in exchange of Cool Cash, Meals, Goods and Services etc. From the Recycling Companies

1.) The Users submit his/her Waste Recycling Materials on Google Form published by each respective Waste Recycling Companies. The Google Form takes parameters like the Users Fullname, Email Address, Phone Numbers, Address, Waste Materials to be Shared Eg. (Plastic Cans, bottles, Metals, Aluminum Cans etc.),

An optional Youtube Video show-casing the Waste Recycling Products to be share. The User can also select how He/She wants to be rewarded Cool Cash, Meals, Goods and Services etc. in an exchange for sharing Waste Recycling Materials. All this data are saved on the Recycling Companies Boards/Items on

2.) Recycled Companies get Notified directly on Board each time a User/Communities Members Shared a Waste Recycling Products.

3.) Users and Waste Recycling Sharers Communities get connected and exchange via Email and SMS Text Messages

4.) Users get rewarded from the Recycling Companies for their Recycling Waste sharing in exchange of Cool Cash, Meals, Goods and Services etc.

How We built it.


Technologies used includes SDK, API, Storage API, Google Form, Google App-Script Coding, PhpMailer and SMS API Gateways. PHP at Back end and Reactjs on Front-end

2.) It uses SDK to connect and save all processed data on Monday Board/Items. It Uses Monday Persistant Storage API to Store Board ID's. This ensures that the created board data are available to all Members of the Account.

No Users Information or Data whatsoever are stored on our own end. All Data are saved on your Boards/Items on

3.) We Used Google Form and our Coded Google App-Script Codes to allow Waste Recycling Companies/Teams to easily connect and collects data from Users and Waste Recycling Communities without learning a Single Code.

4.) We Used SMS API to allow Waste Recycling Teams/Companies to send and recieve SMS messages campaign within the application to registered Waste Recycling Sharing Users and other Communites.

5.) We used PhpMailer to allow Waste Recycling Teams Teams to send and receive email messages to and from all Registered Waste Recycling Sharing Users and other Communities..

How to Integrate Google Form with The App on

Please Watch this Demo Video on how to Create a sample Google Form and connect it to your app for all our application to work on your dashboard.

First, After installing the App on Board, You will need to Create a Board there and get Your:

A.) Current Board ID
B.)Admin Or Member Userid
as can be seen here Screenshot

C.) Goto your Account and get your Monday Access Token

Once You are ready with the above 3 Parameters

1.) Visit to create your Google Form.
and select a blank form

2.) On the Google Form, Ensure that you create your form exactly with this Form Parameters. Its is case sensitive so ensure to use capital letter or small letter as we used it in the Form Parameters. Eg Fullname and fullname are not the same

See Our Sample Google Form here:

This Google Form Parameters must be exact and no typo errors. its case sensitive and it includes :
1.) Fullname
2.) Email
3.) Phone_Number
4.) Address
5.) Product
6.) Quantity
7.) Reward
8.) Video_Youtube

Please ensure there is No Typo Error on the Google Form Parameters and its case sensitive

3.) Once Google Form is created, Click on Responses on the Google Form. Then Click on tiny green image icon to create spreadsheet. Select Create New Spreadsheet and proceed.

4.) On Spreadsheet, goto Extension then click on App Script.

It will take you to App Script Page. then click there on the left top and delete this function code already there. something like function myFunction() { }

then open via notepad or any text editor and copy our code from our Code files we submitted to you and paste it there, Then Edit and enter this 3 Parameters you First obtained above where appropriates in the

I.) Board ID
III.) Monday Access Token

then click on save button there on top of the spreadsheet page. This will save the code on your Google Form Server.

5.)Its is time to create Triggers to ensure that Google Form will work with Still on Google App Script Page then click on small clock icon that is closed to text Libraries and Tiggers button will appear. click it. then Click Add Trigger button at the bottom of the Page.

On Trigger Form that appears, leave everything parameters there the way it is but only ensure that you change select event type parameter from on open to on form submit and then click save as it can be seen in the screenshot below. Screenshot

. It will require you to authorize Google to verify the form via your email address. when prompt with Google hasn’t verified this app, click on Advance button it will show your Google Email Address. click Go to Project (unsafe) since it is you. Then allow Google to verify your app by clicking Allow and your Triggers will be created automatically.

on the Google App Script Page, you can see the Triggers you created. You are done. You can then test and share your Google Form to Users to submit their information's and data and have it send to your accounts on Boards

Challenges we ran into

Creating Items Pagination via Dynamic Load More content on top of Monday SDK/API is not easy. Am grateful we succeed in building a paginated data on top of Monday Boards/Items.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a Low Code Waste Automation Efficiency, Recycling, Rewarding and Management System Powered by Monday SDK, Google Form, Email Messages Server& SMS text Messages campaign.

What we learned

We are New to Programming Environments. I will say its easy to integrate our applications on top of Monday SDK and Persistent Data Storage API.

What Next

1.) Custom Form Fields: This options will allow you to add more custom fields to the application Dashboard.

2.) Ability to customized your SMS Gateways of Choice using some Gateways like Twilio SMS API and many others etc.

3.) Ability to use Customized Email Services like Gmail Server, Yahoo Mail Server, Sendgrid etc.

4.) A calendar System for booking and Rescheduling Appointments with your Users

5.) Integrated Search Engine System.

6.) Multi-colored Vibe Designed following Monday designed rules and regulations and many more.

Built With

  • email-server
  • monday-sdk
  • react
  • sms-api
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