We wanted to create a cheap and easy way to sort waste within a wastebin, including differentiating between landfill and recycled items.

What it does

The system is able to determine which bin, landfill or recycling, that a piece of waste should be directed towards using Google AutoML.

How we built it

The majority of the project is of a hardware nature; from the chute direction mechanism to the motor driver arduino and it’s Dragonboard controller. The system is able to interface with AutoML though an API call via the Dragonboard.

Challenges we ran into

Mechanism planning and design was a challenge for us, as most of our experience resides in electronics and software development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to complete a full hardware mock-up of our project, with minimal power tools needed.

What we learned

Some of our teammates had never touched an arduino mega before this event, and became experts in using them!

What's next for Waste Sorter

Creating a more scalable, marketable solution.

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