Waste-san(Purposely sounding like Watson )


This webapp gives you the facility to segregate various daily life wastes into two categories:-

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Biodegradable

using various technologies.....


The webapp basically offers two facilities:-

  1. Object TypeChecker

Object Typechecker

This facility gives you the superpower to classify an object into biodegradable and non-biodegradable from merely using a picture. And not just that!! The picture can be uploaded in three ways:-

  • From the system
  • Through Webcam
  • Feed in a url

The output gives the sent image and also the type of material whether it is Biodegradable or not!!


This gives the user the ability to locate toilets anywhere on the map. Upto a certain radius it can be seen if there is a toilet or not. This application can have multiple uses.The app can be used to loacte the need of a toilet hence supporting Swaach Bharat Mission. The government can see where there is a need of a toilet & take up necessary actions to eradicate the issue. The app enmarks a circle of certain radius indicating need of toilet outside the circle.

Technologies stack

  • IBM Watson and Bluemix
  • Nodejs for Backend
  • Express server
  • HTML,CSS, JS (primarily for frontend)
  • Google Maps Api (for searching a query)
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