One of the major causes of environmental pollution's is unwanted discharge or deposit on Plastic Cans, bottles etc. on lands, Streams, Rivers and Oceans.

Cash, Meals, Gifts etc. for trash could be a game changer and a best solutions for Waste Recycling Issues.
Waste Recycle is therefore an Azure Objects Recognition AI powered applications designed to help and encourage Users to recycle inorganic waste (Plastic Cans, Bottles) etc. in an exchange for Cool Cash, Meals, Goods and Services.

Benefits and Earnings

In our application, we Programmatically set 1 disposed trashed Plastic Can/bottle for recycling == 1 plate of Meal or 1(USD)

What it does

  • A User Signup and Login into the application either as a Volunteer or a Donor.
  • They are two ways to publish the Trash.
    A.) The User can manually enter the number of trashed Plastic Cans/Bottles to be disposed and then get rewarded for the disposal.
    Recall that we programmatically set earnings/benefits to 1 disposed trashed Plastic Can/bottle == 1 plate of Meal or 1(USD)
    B.)The User can also uploads or enter Image/photo Url containing the trashed plastic Cans/Bottle to be disposed. The application automatically leverage Azure Objects Detection AI to analyze the image content in order to identify the objects in the image as well as number of that objects in the image so that the Volunteer can be rewarded accordingly.

    For instance, if Azure Objects Detection AI detects that there is 4 trashed plastic can/bottles in the analyzed image, then the Volunteer is rewarded with 4 plates of Meal or 4(USD) equivalents and so on
  • The application also allows Donors to donate Meals and Money to help encourage USERS to continue recycling of inorganic waste in exchange for Cash, Meals, goods and services

How we built it

The Application was built leveraging Azure Objects Detection AI

This Application was also built using PHP, Mysql, Google-Map, Email Services, Ajax, Jquery, Bootstraps etc.

What's next for Waste Recycle Efficiency System

More Features like Azure Objects Character Image Recognition coming soon..

Built With

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