As university students, we and our peers have found that our garbage and recycling have not been taken by the garbage truck for some unknown reason. They give us papers or stickers with warnings, but these get lost in the wind, chewed up by animals, or destroyed because of the weather. For homeowners or residents, the lack of communication is frustrating because we want our garbage to be taken away and we don't know why it wasn't. For garbage disposal workers, the lack of communication is detrimental because residents do not know what to fix for the next time.

What it does

This app allows garbage disposal employees to communicate to residents about what was incorrect with how the garbage and recycling are set out on the street. Through a checklist format, employees can select the various wrongs, which are then compiled into an email and sent to the house's residents.

How we built it

The team built this by using a Python package called Kivy that allowed us to create a GUI interface that can then be packaged into an iOS or Android app.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge we faced was the learning curve that arrived when beginning to code the app. All team members had never worked on creating an app, or with back-end and front-end coding. However, it was an excellent day of learning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team is proud of having a working user interface to present. We are also proud of our easy to interactive and aesthetic UI/UX design.

What we learned

We learned skills in front-end and back-end coding. We also furthered our skills in Python by using a new library, Kivy. We gained skills in teamwork and collaboration.

What's next for Waste Notify

Further steps for Waste Notify would likely involve collecting data from Utilities Kingston and the city. It would also require more back-end coding to set up these databases and ensure that data is secure. Our target area was University District in Kingston, however, a further application of this could be expanding the geographical location. However, the biggest next step is adding a few APIs for weather, maps and schedule.

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